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"Back" on track

Well hello there......

How are you?
It has been more than 10 days since my last post.
And all because of my back.....
I am so stubborn to start hauling with 7 seven huge bags of garden soil. And ligfted them wrong. And after 7 bags my back no longer wanted to cooperate.
And the result? I couldn't move for a few days; painkillers, and no crafting, blogging and so on and so on. I could not sit for a long period.
The past week was very quiet....And a perfect reminder that there is nothing as important as being healthy.
 I know; there are things much worse than a few twisted muscles...

But I'm happy that I'm back on track :)

There are a lot of challenges that I had to let go and today I am just in time for this weeks' challenge at

Here is the gorgeous photo inspiration; these colors are right up my alley :)

I made a card with a bit of a dreamy look.

A bow with polka dots and a pearl:

The doily was sent to me by Heather. Roses from Mulberry
Stickers from the 5th Avenue collection of Melissa Frances.
String of pearls from my stash.


These gorgeous papers were sent to me by Jacqueline 
Lace from my stash and  here is my card:

I have some blogs to visit; till soon!


Laurel said…
Wow, stunning card.
june lanum said…
beautiful card, glad your back is better, No package yet?
Kate W. said…
Glad to hear you're "back" at it! :) Really, I am glad you are feeling much better and posting again. Your card today is very dreamy, soothing and romantic! Another exceptional creation!!!!
Tante Käthe said…
I was getting worried about you, and now I'm glad you're feeling better Stella.

This is a gorgeous card you created, I love the elegance!

Hugs and *Happy Mothers Day*!

Debgem said…
Glad you're feeling better Stella - I think maybe a wheelbarrow would help with moving bags in the garden!!

Your cards is just so feminine and pretty, soft, subtle colours - fabulous!
Lynne K said…
Sorry to hear about your back problems, Stella, but glad to hear you're on the mend. What an beautiful card to come back with! I love the dreamy look, absolutely gorgeous.

Lynne x
Rebekah said…
Yummm! SO soft and pretty!
Glad you are back! I was in the same predicament! Too much gardening and not enough stretching. Good to see your on the mend and back in blogland!
Deb Hickman said…
It's good to see you back, I was getting worried. I'm glad your back is getting better. I love your card,it's so pretty and very dreamy,great take on the challenge. Look after
Sylvia said…
Such a pretty card, Stella! When I saw the photograph earlier in the week I thought of you. Glad your better, you have to think of an easier way of lifting those bags. Once the guys from the store get them loaded into my vehicle, I slide them off onto a furniture dolly, wheel them around, drop them where needed then slice them open. Saves a lot of wear and tear on the body! I have been thinking about you and wondering what fun was keeping you from your blog! Hope you stay on the mend. Hugs!
Gisèle said…
I was starting to worry about you; it is not like you to not bless us with your wonderful creations on a regular basis ! Backs problems are just the worst;they are so complicated, but then again they do so much of the work...I am glad to hear you are feeling better, and my, oh my, what a dreamy concoction indeed...That paper is extraordinary, I have never seen it before...The card is soft, romantic and soothing...fantastic interpretation...Now, don't do too much gardening:-) PS I have 3 tulips that came up today; only 147 left to go LOL xoxox
Suzie McFloozy said…
I was wondering where you got to and I'm very pleased to see you back in blogland x
When I saw this photo inspiration earlier in the week I instantly thought of you and boy oh boy did you prove me correct !

This is stunning so pretty and I love the little collection of roses on the doily x
Nice to have you back hun - take care of yourself

((hugs)) Suzie xoxo
**Farrah** said…
I was worried about you!
Glad you are feeling better, take extra precautions with your back. These things have a way of reoccuring if your not careful.
Your card is lovely, soothing,and romantic.
Jules said…
Hi Stella

I was wondering what had happened to you .. .. I was hoping you had been doing something exciting - not recovering from a bad back!! Ouch!!!

I think you need to be taking it a bit more steady!!

Loving your super dreamy creation here. All of the elements are gorgeous and you have worked in such beautiful delicate colours. Stunning!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog.

Love Jules xx
Wendy ten Hove said…
Wauw! Mooi geworden, Stella! Het sfeertje is inderdaad een beetje dromerig, super mooi! Lekker zachte kleurtjes! Fijn te horen dat het weer beter met je gaat, oef, da's niet niks zeg, als je zo weinig kunt! Rustig aan en hopelijk voel je je dan snel weer helemaal fit!!!
Liefs, Wendy
Ingrid Danvers said…
Prachtig en stijlvol kaartje. Sterkte met je rug.
So pretty Stella! Love the MF goodness and how you worked the soft, pastel color combo! Happy to hear you are feeling better and that you are back to creating :)
Charlene said…
Precious precious card!!! I hope your back is better soon!!Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful card with us this week at The Shabby Tea Room
PapierGirl said… had me worried girl! So sorry to hear about your back. That has to be one of the worst injuries because you can't do a darn thing. So happy to see your on the mend and back to creating beauties like this one! So soft and yes dreamy - I can image a room surrounded in these soft beautiful blues and the flowers make for such a perfect contrast! You take care of yourself - I missed you! :)
Michelle said…
I'm sooooooo glad you're back...and okay!!!!
You had me worried!
This card is gorgeous! I love, love ,love the papers, doilt and flowers! The colors are so delicate and beautiful!
Come visit me soon...I miss your sweet comments!
Sabrina said…
Stella dear, so sorry to hear that you were in pain. I was wondering where were you, it is SO nice to hear that you are back scrapping and most importantly you are in better shape now. Good heath is indeed precious!! please take care of yourself, don't be stubborn again, yeah!! ;)Hope to see more of your creations!! Hugs.
Pauline said…
Stella, I've missed you so much!! I've been checking every other day to see if there were any new posts, I thought you were on a holiday. Boo for your bad back, there's nothing worse (except tooothache!) I'm so glad your feeling better. And Nurse Pauline says No More Lifting!!! Make some cards instead, much lighter!!

What a beauty you have made here, it was worth the wait! Beautiful papers and the sweet little doily look perfect together with the elegant pearls and lace, and the roses too *sigh* such a dreamy card!!
M@rjan said…
Inderdaad helemaal in jouw straatje, Stella en dat kun je weer terugzien in jouw mooie kaart! helemaal top weer, meid!
Sterkte met je rug, ik ken het. Voorzichtig aan, geen zware zakken meer slepen.:)

Groetjes, Marjan
Ros said…
Glad to see you back .... Our chatting online probably delayed you even more! This card is a beauty ... I love the papers and true to your style this is soft pretty and oh so elegant ... stay well ... xxx
lynn said…
oh, i hope you feel better, stella! your doily cluster is darling:)
kasia c. said…
Glad to hear you are on the mend! I hope your back is feeling better soon!

What a gorgeous card! I adore that doily and all it holds!
Cheryl Nelson said…
Such a gorgeous card Stella! I am so sorry to hear about your back, but glad you are on the mend! You have me nervous about the garden soil...I have 11 bags sitting in my car right now that I have to haul to my garden...yikes!
Linda R. said…
Your card is gorgeous.. So soft and pretty.. I do hope you are feeling better.. I think back pain is the worst..

Hugs, Linda
Ira said…
Wat een snoepig kaartje is het geworden Stella, zo prachtig met die zachte kleurtjes, past helemaal bij de foto! Gelukkig dat je weer lekker aan de freubel bent, al dat getrubbel met je rug is ook maar niks! Liefs, Ira xxx en blij dat je er weer bent!!
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
I am so glad that you are back, and sorry to hear that you hurt your back, glad you are better now, do take care and do not work too hard in the garden!
Back to your card, another soft and pretty one, love that MS doily!
Maria said…
Awww, Stella, was sorry to hear about your back! I was about ready to email ya 'cause I thought where is Stella?! And, I must say another lovely card. Very pretty colors with sweet doily and flowers! I hope you continue to improve very soon. You take it easy...take care...hugs!!!
Linda B said…
Happy to see you... I've been worried about you. Knew something must have been amiss. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
Your card is gorgeous. I soooo love this bedroom photo and you absolutely brought it to this card. Love every element!
Big hugs for a welcome back!!!
Stella I was wondering what was going on. I usually see more activity on your blog. Having an aching back is the pits. I never realized how everything I do uses my back. You would think laying down and just clicking the remote control would be safe but no! I am glad you are feeling better. Don't be so stubborn. ;-) Or determined. I know it's hard. I love seeing your work and so do a lot of other people so we depend upon you to be healthy. ;-) Gorgeous card you made! Take care of yourself! :-) Amy
Jaclyn Miller said…
oh bummer, sorry that you hurt your back. :( glad you were able to get rested up and back into health...cuz your card is gorgeous! Love those little colorful roses. Now, stay away from those bags of soil!!!! :)
Heather Jensen said…
So glad to hear you are feeling bett. I know pain is no fun at all. You need to take it easy and don't over do it anymore. I love these pretty papers and petite flowers. Ya know, I can't find those little Martha Stewart doilies any more. I am trying to buy the PTI dies so I can cut my own..but they are out of stock. :)
Juls said…
this is just beautiful! Hugs Juls
ohno miss stella, i hope your back is feeling better. here's to a speedy recovery. please take care.
lovely card, i love the soft colors. just so pretty! thanks for sharing!
*hugs* steph :)
this is very pretty, soft & delicate!
Sandra1968 said…
Een geweldig mooie kaart! Ik vind het papier ook super!
En ik ben blij dat je rug weer wat beter is.
Groetjes, Sandra
Audrey Pettit said…
Wow, this is just stunning, Stella! Think it's one of my top faves of yours, ever!
Classic Stella style! Very gorgeous, in Cinderella colors. I am so very sorry to hear your back was out of whack. I haven't been to visit your blog in some time, due to my family issues. I hope you let your husband carry those bags of gardening soil from now on! Take care, my friend.