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Garden beauty................

Hello everyone!

Already Thursday and today I want to share some pictures of my garden.
Besides cardmaking I also love - for example - gardening.
And since the name of my blog is "a little bit of the things I enjoy"
I will show you now and than some other things besides cards!

It's a bit of a picture overload but here we go!

Three pictures of my climbing roses.... I have a place in my heart for pink in case you didn't notice :)

Peonies in the front yard; love them!!!

Pretty in pink....:)

A piece of the back yard; the rose in the front will bloom in a few days....

Another peek in the back yard:

Blue geranium.....

Another part of the backyard:

Close up of one of my hostas; this one is HUGE!!!

White geranium in one of my borders:

Another close up of a rose:

And this white beauty is standing on my garden table...

. I think that the garden is at its prettiest in June.
 And I hope you liked this little impression of my garden!

Till soon!


What gorgeous flowers Stella! Thanks for sharing all this beauty!
Jules said…
Oh wow Stella

So much posting since your return to blogland!!!

Welcome back!!

It sounds like you have had a wonderful and exciting time over the last few days.

May I start first by saying how pleased I am that your Son is getting better each day and that he is now up and about. You must be so relieved. That was a worrying time for you all.

Next can I say congratulations on your anniversary. All of those beautiful flowers .. .. your home must have smelt gorgeous.

Then you show us that stunning quilt. You and your sister are clearly very artistic. It was so beautiful and personal just to you and your husband.

Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful photographs. All very professionally taken. I love them.

The card projects you have shown are gorgeous too!! It is so lovely to have you back again.

Love Jules xx
Lenet said…
wat een gave tuin heb je zeg..heerlijk..
Robyn said…
Beautiful Stella! It must be fabulous to be able to be out in the garden and see all these beautiful flowers after all those months of snow!! I have never seen a blue geranium-it's gorgeous!
Tante Käthe said…
Thanks for sharing your beauties Stella!

We weren't lucky this year as it was way too hot in April and May without any drop of rain.

So many flowers just bloomed for a few days and died, even my favorite peonies :(

Have a good day!

Sabrina said…
What a beautiful garden you have, Stella!! Lovely lovely!! Thanks for sharing this :)
kasia c. said…
Stella, thank you for sharing! Your garden is absolutely beautiful. :)
Deb Hickman said…
What a beautiful garden,I love the pink roses, stunning. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photo's. Have a good day. xxxx
Ros said…
Lovely photos my friend ... I can imagine you sitting there with your expresso enjoying the beauty of your labour ... XXX
M@rjan said…
Prachtige foto's van je tuin en wat leuk om zo even mee te genieten! Het is de laatste tijd groeizaam weer! Geneit er maar lekker van.

Groetjes, Marjan
Audrey Pettit said…
Your yard is just stunning, Stella! So lush and full and absolutely beautiful. Love seeing all the photos. :)
Kelly said…
oh my, those peonies are stunnning! Thanks for sharing!
lynn said…
love the pics! don't you wish the peonies bloomed for a longer period of time? gorgeous garden, stella!
Davi said…
What a wonderful walk thru your garden this morning Stella! All the gorgeous flowers and foliage are so delightful! I love peonies but they dont grow here in the desert so this was a treat! Thanks for the lovely stroll:)
Linda B said…
I'm telling you Stella, I can smell these right now in Ohio. How utterly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs... Linda
Cheryl Nelson said…
You are truly surrounded by loveliness!! What a GORGEOUS garden!!
Petra Tillmann said…
Wat een prachtige rozen heb je in je tuin!
syviastamps said…
Your garden is beautiful, Stella! Mine looked that way in Colorado, I have not belong enough to get this one looking this way yet. this is the first year of grow my plants have and with the extreme heat it is hard to get them to grow fast! I can dream! I love those beautiful peonies, but the roses are my favorites! Have a beautiful day! sylvia
cbuswell said…
beautiful photos, love the peonies! one of my favorites!
Sasha said…
OMG!! Stella. Those peonies are amazzzzing!! You have the most gorgeous garden. I adore peonies, cabbage roses and camelias. And although I am quite successful with camelias I have yet to have one flower on my peonies. They are three years old, and have never bloomed. Yours are sooooo beautiful! The colours are devine!! xx
Linda R. said…
Thank you so much for sharing you garden with us.. It truly is gorgeous.. I just love all the green you have there.. Here in the desert there is not much green at all! I day I hope to move somewhere where I can plant a garden and not die if I forget to water it one day!! Just to darn hot here..

Thanks again..

Hugs, Linda
Pauline said…
What a beautiful garden you have Stella, those peonies are divine! Love your roses too, I am not green fingered myself, but I do appreciate other's hard work! Your garden must smell heavenly of an evening!
Stella, these flowers are beautiful! THe photos of them are, as well. Some of those roses look like peonies.
Maria said…
Fabulous flowers and garden, Stella! I so enjoyed looking at all the photos! Thank you for sharing this wonderful beauty, take care!:-)
Schitterend!!!! Wat een fantastische tuin heb je en wat bloeit er veel moois!

Groetjes en fijn weekend,

Monique said…
Oh my goodness Stella your gardens are to die for... I can smell the fresh flowers from here :0.Thanks for sharing....If mine haven't drown by the time they grow up I will post some pictures..yes we have had a TON of rain!!
Wow!!! Your gardens are to die for...just a gorgeus flowers....they look so wonderful...
This is my first time in here...and I enjoy everything.I´m follower now.!!!
I wish a wonderful weekend.
Kisses and huges from Brazil
Jeanneke said…
C-Darling Stella, your garden is a dream and so are your cards!
Thanks for sharing and helping.... it's always a pleasure to visit you(r blog).
Suzie McFloozy said…
What lovely pictures of your beautiful garden.
I spent most of yesterday gardening and in the afternoon was able to snatch 5 peaceful minutes admiring my work - which is a real luxury with 2 young boys in the house !
I would so love a climbing rose - i'm just waiting until my youngest gets a little older and yesterday I saw a beautiful evergreen jasmine which I am now also longing for ! (shame on that spending ban !!)

Thanks for sharing part of your beautiful world with us xx
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo
Ira said…
Wat een heerlijke bloemenpracht zeg, zowel in jullie tuin als alle prachtige bloemstukken die jullie hebben gekregen voor jullie 25-jarig huwelijk! Hoop echt dat jullie een superdag hebben gehad! Zijn onze wensen nog goed aangekomen? Dat is altijd maar afwachten in landen waar de verbinding niet zo bijster is, Jan en ik hebben wel samen met een glaasje witte getoost op jullie dag, dat er nog maar veel mooie jaren bij mogen komen! Wij zijn afgelopen vrijdag weer thuis gekomen, hadden gisteren meteen eters, dus we konden direct aan de slag, was wel super gezellig en vandaag hoop ik weer wat aan de freubel te gaan, maar eerst m'n favoriete blogs bezoeken, want dat is alweer een tijdje geleden! Nou moet je me toch eens je geheim verklappen over je pioenen! Wij hebben er ook staan, maar die bloeien lang niet zo uitbundig (nou staan ze wel met hun voetjes in de kleigrond, misschien is dat het wel? Want de rest van de planten schiet als een gek de grond uit!). Gisteren van Jan nog een prachtige witte hortensia gekregen voor op het terras (ik ben dól op hortensia's, we hebben er behoorlijk wat in de tuin van staan) en een witte klimroos, was er helemaal blij mee! Nou meis, het belooft een zonnige dag te worden, ga lekker genieten van de Pinksteren! Veel liefs, Ira xxx
Michelle said…
Wow! What a beautiful wonderland! Lovely flowers!
Andrea M said…
GORGEOUS peonies Stella! My Mom cultivates such beautiful peonies - they always remind me of her! Your garden is STUNNING!