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Step by step

Hello everyone,

Before visiting all of you ( my oh my it seems ages.....) I want to tell you that my FIL is still on the ICU. But step by step things are slightly going better.
He's off the ventilator and awake.
But still; morphine for pain and only drinking a bit of water. ( Although he said to Marcel this afternoon that he would love to have a milkshake :)....
His blood pressure is still very low but he's able to talk again; even if it is only for 2 minutes.
Technically spoken the surgery went well but we still have to wait for the final results of the anatomical pathologist. And if his body is strong anough to make the steps for a full recovery.
But for now we are happy with the fact that he has come this far looking at where he came from.

Till soon!


Heather Jensen said…
So glad he is feeling a little better. Some progress is better than none. I am sure he will be getting better every day. :)
Sylvia said…
So happy for your good news today, will keep all of you in my prayers as every day is important at his age.
BEAR's Mom said…
so glad to hear he is off vent~
that is a very good sign!
still praying for FIL
Michelle said…
God Bless your FIL...glad he is improving!!! Stella, please keep us posted!
Andrea M said…
Thank goodness! So glad to hear this positive news!! Hope he continues on the road to recovery!
M@rjan said…
Het is een spannende tijd voor jullie allemaal! Ik help mee hopen dat het stukje voor stukje beter zal gaan.

Liefs, Marjan
Sasha said…
So pleased to hear your news, Stella. I hope that every day sees your FIL improving xx
Audrey Pettit said…
Very, very good news, indeed! He's hoping he makes a full and speedy recovery soon. :)
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
Good to know, will keep praying, thanks for keeping us updated!
Recovery really is such a step by step kind of thing, and I wish it could go faster. It's good that your FIL was feeling well enough to ask for a milkshake. ;) (even if he can't have one yet)