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Hello everyone,

Just popping in for an update about my FIL.

The surgery went well.
The surgeons removed his right kidney, a part of his intestines (and the malignant tumor) and placed/made a stoma.
Technically speaking it all went well but my father-in-law really had a difficult time during the surgerey. He also received two units of blood and is now in the ICU.
Visits are very limited and my MIL is now with him

There is a long way to go and the first few days will be very important..
We are hoping that he will find the strength to fight his way back.

Till soon;


Joanne Leddy said…
Stella, my heart aches for your sorrow. May you and your family find the support you need. Know that my prayers are with you. Hugs.
Debgem said…
Stella - I'm pleased that your FIL got through the surgery, and I'm keeping you all in my thoughts. Hugs, Deborah x
Sasha said…
Sending warm thoughts, Stella. You will remain in my thoughts until we hear from you again. It is good to hear that your FIL got through the surgery, and he is now being cared for in ICU xx
Lynne K said…
Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Still thinking of you and praying that he can now make a good recovery.

Love & hugs,
Lynne xx
lynn said…
i'm glad they got him taken care of, now, starts the healing, i wish him a speedy recovery, stella.
Deb Hickman said…
Wishing your FIL a speedy recovery,you and your family are in my thoughts. Take care. Deb xxxxx
Cheryl Nelson said…
You and your family are in my prayers dear Stella! I wish your FIL a speedy recovery. HUGS!
BEAR's Mom said…
praying for a speedy
recovery for your FIL
sweet friend...and
comfort and strength
for you and the family
to get you thru this
Tante Käthe said…
A speedy recovery for you FIL and all the best for him and your family.

M@rjan said…
Hopelijk gaat alles de goede kant op, Stella!!

Liefs, Marjan
Lenet said…
ojee Stella klinkt niet best allemaal. heel veel sterkte .
Sylvia said…
I will continue to keep your family in my prayers, Stella! Try and have a good Saturday! Hope the sun is shining so you will have some warmth as well. Hugs to you.
Andrea M said…
Keeping you all, especially your FIL, in my prayers!
Heel veel sterkte Stella en hopelijk gaat het de goede kant op.

Liefs Corine
Linda B said…
I haven't been able to keep it with everyone since my computer went down and was unaware of your problems there. I sure hope all goes well for your father-in-law. Please keep us informed.
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
Hope your FIL recover soon, you know we will be thinking of you and your family..... hugs.....
Suzie McFloozy said…
O Stella I am sorry I haven't visited you this week - I do hope your father in law recovers soon x
My thoughts and well wishes are winging their way to you and your family right now x
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo
Ros said…
Thinking of you my friend and sending love xxx
Ira said…
Dikke kus, we hebben contact! Liefs, Ira xxx
Oh, I am so sorry he had a hard time in surgery, Stella. Prayers are being lifted up for him.