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Our house, boxes and tags


Thursday evening 10.45 PM; what happened with the day?
I've been working; had a meeting at work until 7.00 PM, came home, had a tuna/pasta salad for dinner, got two phone calls and made some pics of the garden. (coming soon)

And now the house. I am showing you a few pics before and after, a few peeks of things I've been working on and a few tags I just made.

We are waiting for new lighting (sold out now but back in the store soon) so these pics are just a few. And more pics to share in a few weeks.Please; be patient with me:)

Our side table;We bought the mahogany side table 8 years ago. It's antique and when we bought it it was in pieces. For a reasonable price but it defnitely needed some severe restoration. Marcel did a terrific job and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. The bowl in the right is one of the things I inherited from my parents. The bowl is more than 80 years old. It belonged to my great grandparents on my fathers' side of the family.. They had a bakery and it was displayed in their store filled with traditional sweets.(As far as I know)

The glass bowl on the left was given to me for my birthday by Marcel a few years ago. 
The little buddha  was given to us by my niece. She travelled a few months in Asia and brought this back home for us
The little white porcelain bowl on the plate is etched with roses. When you light a candle in it it looks amazing. The clock? Another birthday gift for Marcel and me from our best friends.The silver ware is something that I am collecting. I am buying a piece now and than. The round bowl up front is originally made to serve jam in; the two large small pillars are sugarcastors The light? A bargain; €9 bought by me last year...

We bought two of these chairs; yes...grey and gingham 

Next is our closet. Found in a container 21 years ago  Imagine; why do people want to get rid of it??? But we are thankful; now it's ours :) And restored with love by Marcel:

This beauty needed a new color - Polar Blue by Histor- and knobs of white porcelain:

Before; storage space beneath the stairs:

And after ;

I am working on 2 of these boxes; I am giving them a "coat" of polar blue too

Adding a few knobs:

And show you the result this upcoming weekend!

And at last; two tiny tags I made:

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour and loads of pics.



Gerdine said…
Je tags zien er super uit! Heel leuk! En leuk al die foto's van jullie interieur! Ik gluur altijd graag! die stoelen zijn erg leuk! ruit is altijd goed :)
Heather Jensen said…
Everything looks amazing Stella. I love those floors. Your tags are too cute as well. :)

Tante Käthe said…
Love your style Stella, it all looks so very friendly and beautiful!

Cute Tags, wonder how you find time to create!

Sorry you lost, but it is just a game, isn't it?

Hugs to you my friend and have a great weekend!

Noor Nahdi said…
Oh my!!! These tags are super duper cute :) Love them to the core!!
Thanks for leaving me your wonderful comments at my humble blog,,,
M@rjan said…
Twee mooie tagjs heb je gemaakt, Stella! Leuk om een mee te mogen kijken in het nieuwe interieur. Ik vind het erg mooi gedaan, rustige tinten en mooie spullen! Ik zie dat jij ook houdt van karafjes en dergelijke, ik heb op ons dressoir ook een leuke verzameling van dit soort spulletjes. Succes met de rest!

Groetjes, Marjan
Sasha said…
Your home is looking beautiful, Stella. I love your mahogany side table...and everything on it. Those Door knobs are beautiful. In fact, everything looks really lovely. Two very pretty tags, too xx
Gisèle said…
Stella, your home is is so YOU lol big hug an much love.PS i lost your Bday date, can u remind me please...tks
Ros Crawford said…
Beautiful my friend ... Marcel is a clever man and what a good combination you make ... you design ... Marcel builds ... Love those knobs ... can't wait to see your box finished
Audrey Pettit said…
Absolutely LOVE the pictures, Stella! How fun to see your beautiful home and all your little treasures. I loved the story of your Great Grandparent's bowl! Smiled to see your little Dala horse, too. I have a small collection of those myself. :)
Thanks so much for sharing all the photos. Looking forward to more. And your tags are absolutely adorable!
cnelson said…
What a loooooovely, lovely home! Marcel certainly doing a wonderful job with the restoration! I loved hearing the story behind the different pieces...isn't that what the difference is between a house and a home. A home if filled with our stories isn't it? Your tags are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
Ira Huberts said…
Wat heb jij toch een man met gouden handjes Stel! Het ziet er al echt heel romantisch uit, maar dat had ik ook niet anders verwacht. Wat goed van jullie om die kast mee te nemen zeg, dit zijn en blijven toch klassieke modellen? Je ziet wel hoe mooi die bij jullie staat! En dat mini-kastje gaat straks ook vast een heel gaaf plekje krijgen. Dank voor deze kleine house-warming ;-) Liefs, Ira xox
Jacqueline said…
Wat is het mooi geworden, Stel! Geweldig, hoop gauw weer eens live te kijken. Leuke tags
X Jacqueline
lynn said…
LOVE the chair and the cabinet is so gorgeous, stella! everything looks so soft and pretty...including the tags!
Geri said…
Oh, so glad you shared, Stella!! Everything looks beautiful! You're so lucky Marcel is handy like that!! I love the little knobs and can't wait to see the boxes! And the tags are very, VERY the felt embellishments!
kerenbaker said…
Hi! I've just come randomly from Moxie Fab world and so glad I have! I love what you're doing - the transformations are amazing and those tags are simply gorgeous. Your blog is fab - keep being inspiring!
Linda R said…
I enjoyed seeing your home. It is so beautiful. It has such a peaceful feeling to it. And your tags look so pretty.. Take care my sweet friend.

Hi Stella: These two little tags are absolutely DARLING, and are just decorated and embellished so sweetly. Thanks for sharing them.

I also LOVE the drawer pulls. You really have some gorgeous photos, it's gonna be awesome.

Thanks for sharing!
I have some sweet blog candy up for grabs on my blog if you get a chance to stop by. I'd LOVE to have you visit!
Gitte said…
Waow, you may decorate my home anytime. Love your tags, they are so pretty and elegant
What pretty photos Stella and sweet tags! I feel like I just picked up a Better Homes & Garden magazine! So fresh and clean looking!
OH, I loved the tour of your living room! That armoire/cabinet is my favorite piece. Love that soft, icy blue you chose. It's so Scandinavian! The chairs look wonderful in that pretty, subdued gingham. I like that a lot, the pattern.

And last but not least, the two mini tags are so sweet! I almost never make tags, and forget to do them. You've inspired me!
Sue Lelli said…
I LOVE all the photos and that polar blue is so YOU! Gorgeous knobs and FAB tags you made! So much eye candy!
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
Thanks for the update, your house looks beautiful and cozy!
Davi said…
Stella your house is looking beautiful!! I love the soft shade of blue so peaceful :)
PapierGirl said…
What a lovely home you have and such a beautiful reflection of you! I love that cabinet - I can't believe someone would get rid of that! Your husband is very handy - lucky you. Sweet tags! :)xx