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Messy but in progress

Yesterday I wrote a bit about our mini make over.
Well; we do have a new floor and the panelled closet is not painted yet. But to give you an impression what it looks like at this very moment I thought that maybe you would like to see some pics of the total mess at this very moment.  Some pics are a bit blurry; sorry!
Tomorrow I have to work again and Marcel will be putting the baseboards on the floor. He's off work the whole week. I will be sorting out and cleaning up tomorrow evening.
Our goal is to have everything in place this weekend. Except the closet; I'll start painting this weekend
Apologies for the mess but in the end it will all work out:)
This closet will painted. It looks good in cream but against the off white wall it looks a bit dirty :) I will make pictures once it's painted..

In this BIG box is our new couch. Yes; and standing in the middle of our living room. The chairs on the left are replaced. One will be in my craft room and one in our guest ro…


Hi there....
It has been a while since I've been here. Finally we are having lovely weather here in the Netherlands and last week it felt like summer. We were able to have dinner outside, spending evenings in the garden and working in the garden .  We also started with something that has been on our wishlist for quite some time; a bit of a make over in the living room. Today we were busy with a new floor in the living room, kitchen and hallway. It's almost finished:).And than there will be a new couch, new comfy chairs, a coffee table and I have to paint an old panelled closet. It took me a while to pick a color but I finally decided to paint it in a shade of frosted blue. A pale shade of blue almost blue-grey. After weeks of making plans it is fun to be busy and to see our work in progress. I will post photos once we're finished.  That's why I have not been around. Sorting out things (threw away a lot...), making decisions about colors, furniture and shopping ( that …