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I am wondering.....

Whether you recognize this,,,

I have all I wish for when it comes to craft supplies
I am oo-ing and ahh-ing looking at YOUR blog
I pinned the most amazing  cards and color schemes on Pinterest
There are so many lovely challenges

And still... there is not one decent card made in my craft room.
It's been a week since I posted something. Or left a comment  at your blog.

What's happening? You tell me; I don't know.
Yes the week went by in the blink of an eye. Yes it has been busy.
No lack of inspiration;  maybe an overload of inspiration.????

But where do I start?

Maybe I tried too hard to make something... .I am really interested to hear how YOU start the process of creating...

I made this card more than a week ago; using washi tape and some snippets of the Cashmere Paper pad of Glitz design.
Simple but in bright colors. I love to work with colors with a fresh and bright look.

Here is my attempt:)

Looking forward to hear how you start; I can use some tips to get started :)

Have a lovely evening or day!



Gerdine said…
Zo'n inspiratiedip had ik een paar weken terug ook! Heel vervelend, vooral omdat je zoveel andere mooie dingen ziet op het web! Tja, voor mij kwamen op het juiste moment leuke spullen binnen...
Kaartje is leuk! Toevallig vanmiddag dit papier ook weer eens uit de kast gehaald!
Irene said…
Ja Stella...if I knew I'd tell!!!!
Je kaart is enig en lekker fris dus zoals je schrijft een creadip is het niet echt. Ik ken het gevoel van een hoofd vol plannetjes en handjes die niet willen, talloze papiertjes die door je vingers gaan en toch komt er niets uit. Gewoon zo laten, het weer doet ook niet echt mee op het moment dus wie weet als straks het zonnetje weer schijnt...........??

xx Irene
Jeanneke said…
Ach wichie toch... laat ik er nou ook al twee weken precies hetzelfde voor staan :>)
Geen zin om ook maar één naadje op de machine te doen, dus lekker een beetje weinig van alles en vooral op mijn gemak gedaan.
Straks komt de stoom weer uit mijn oren en de rook van mijn naalden.
Het zal jou net zo vergaan, denk ik; maak je maar niet druk, je maakt zóveel moois en de boog kan niet altijd gespannen staan.
Verder alles wel goed,las ik?

Geri said…
Well, this certainly is a decent card!!! Bright, beautiful and so cheery! I think we've all been where you are, though, Stella. Maybe it's that you're a little pressed for time right now. Sometimes I'm frustrated that I don't feel like I have the time to really play around with my favorite things, and enjoy the process and then the end result. I think I always start with my focal may be from a challenge, a new stamp set, an embellishment I've made...then I guess I go from there. Don't really need to tell you that, though,'re work is always so lovely! Don't be so hard on yourself...just enjoy!
Marit said…
Heel herkenbaar Stella! Wat ik dan vaak doe is op mijn eigen blog een kaart uitzoeken die ik eerder heb gemaakt en deze namaken, met andere papiertjes of kleurtjes. Dan komt er toch iets uit je handen en het resultaat kan verrassend zijn omdat je terwijl je bezig bent iets net even anders doet!

Vergeet ik bijna te zeggen dat ik je kaart een plaatje vindt, lekker vrolijke papiertjes!

Ros Crawford said…
Your 'attempt' is a beauty!! I love the tape and you used red!! It's so pretty
Your question is a good one ... sometimes I just see some scraps or papers next to each other and think ... "I like them together" so I make something ... other times it's a focal point ... a stamp I want to use or a technique ... Then again there is always the pressing DT work when I have to push myself ... but many times I just want to enjoy others work and rest ... I have no doubt you will be in full flow when the time is right ... Thinking of you and sending hugs xxx
Sasha said…
Your card is really lovely, Stella. Such bright and pretty papers that go together perfectly. I especially love the floral paper. Love your use of felt, too. Such a lovely idea...dotting your i with that little button.
Don't worry if you think your mojo has taken a break, mine does that all the time. Sometimes I think it's because we are surrounded by so many beautiful crafty things and we don't know where to start. Then, all of a sudden we are inspired and can't stop ourselves. Hugs xx
lynn said…
such a sweet card, stella! love the mix of patterns and colors:) (my mojo left me a long time ago--haven't found it yet!)
Ira Huberts said…
Ik denk dat we daar allemaal wel last van hebben! Bij mij komt momenteel ook niet erg veel onder m´n handen vandaan behalve offertes en bezoeken aan klanten ha ha ha! Meestal leg ik gewoon wat papiertjes klaar of zo, combineer eea en dan komt het wel, en zo niet, pech! Je hebt een lekker fris kaartje gemaakt, doet me alleen nóg meer naar de zomer verlangen, ouch! Denk nu meteen aan cocktails met zo´n leuk zonnig parasolletje erin, je kent ´t wel! Alles goed verder, hopelijk, liefs, Ira xox
Deb Hickman said…
Pretty card, I love these papers. I think sometimes life gets in the way of crafting. I lost mine for a few weeks but it's slowly coming back. Deb x
Sue Lelli said…
I think YOUR card is just Delightful, Stella! LOVE the bright colors and how you mixed the patterns and added washi tape! How do I get inspired? Challenge blogs and looking at fashion on either TV or people walking around! I look at the colors and patterns and then translate that into inspiration! Also a visit from Mona didn't hurt!!! LOL!
What a fun and cheerful card Stella! I feel your pain ~ sometimes I have lack of crafty mojo! If I can't get my gears going, I refer to a sketch or color challenge. That usually works for me! I trip spent with a crafty friend like Sue always helps :)
Je@net said…
Mooi kaartje, Stella!
Audrey Pettit said…
I think your card is absolutely beautiful, Stella! I love, love the mix of prints and colors here. What a great use for printed washi tapes! Sorry to hear you're feeling a lack of mojo. Think that hits all of us at times. When I start to feel a creative rut, I often will work on a different type of project. For me, that's often embroidery or some little fabric project. Still crafty, but something different than the usual. :)
Yolanda said…
Hoi Stella, ten eerste wil ik je graag zeggen dat ik je kaart heel erg mooi vind, ik hou ook wel van lekkere sprekende kleuren. En het "probleempje" waar je het in je bericht over hebt ... neem maar van mij aan, daar kampen we allemaal mee zo nu en dan. "Pas op de plaats" tijd noem ik dat. Gewoon even niets. Vaak lukt het daarna weer wel. Suc6, en bedenk (zoals iemand wel eens tegen mij zei) ... het is een hobby, niet je werk. Met andere woorden: alles mag, niets moet !! Groetjes Yolanda B)
Linda R said…
Hello my friend, I have not been doing much crafting lately. But to get my creative juices flowing I do love to look on pinterest. And of course all the lovely blogs I visit gets me in the mood. I do love to have a challenge to go by most of the time.

Your card here is so pretty.

Maria said…
Well, I think your card is a stellar card!!! I love how bright and cheery it is! Great use of the washi tape, too! How I get started with the crafting process is looking at blogs, challenges, magazines. At times it's easy and other times not so easy. So, I put it away and come back tomorrow. But, your crafting mojo will return I'm sure for you have made lots of wonderful creations, Stella! Take good care, hugs!!!
Andrea said…
I find everything you make to be so beautiful. I love it all. You always inspire me.
Joanne Leddy said…
I can understand exactly where you're coming from.

After almost 6 months I FINALLY created something! It's so hard some times to get inspired that we all need to take a break. For me, I find some paper that I LOVE. Then I search through my supplies for trinkets and do-dads that have the same color hues or "feel" of the project. Then I start layering! But I must admit, the hardest part for me is the greeting ... the words are always my roadblock.

I love the tape ... I just ordered some and can't wait for it to arrive! Beautiful card as always!

I always love the papers you use, Stella!

Hope you are well and enjoying your summer, my friend. I miss you! Life's been totally busy for months, but now that summer is here, hopefully will slow down!
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
This is bright and sweet Stella, I totally understand what you mean, sometimes I too felt like MOJO left me and nothing that I work on turn out well : (
But don't get me wrong, yours is totally sweet here!