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Sympathy Card


In the first hours of this Sunday the mother of our closest friend passed away. We know his mother well since our friendship is lasting over more than 23 years.

She has been a wonderful mother for 10 sons! And a wonderful many more.
His mothers' health became more and more fragile over the last few years.
I made a sympathy card and added a fragile flower.

 I made that flower from lining fabric. Cut circles with my scissors and "melted" the borders with the help of a candle. I held the edges of the fabric close to the flame . The edges are just melting and curling,  I assembled the circles with my hot glue gun and added a half pearl (which is flat on the back)
I also used shades of grey to keep a bit of a muted look. This patterned paper is from SU. 

Here is my card:

Till soon,


Christine said…
Mooi, stijlvol kaartje Stella! Sterkte voor je vriend en familie!
Gitte said…
Simply beautiful and elegant
Paulien said…
Mooi en rustig, geen poespas, hoeft ook niet bij zo'n kaartje.
Groetjes Paulien
Irene said…
Als je haar zo lang hebt gekend dan komt het toch dichtbij Stella. Je hebt een prachtige, stijlvolle kaart gemaakt!

xx Irene
Marit said…
Gecondoleerd Stella, wat een prachtige stijlvolle kaart heb je gemaakt!

Je@net said…
Wat een mooie en stijlvolle kaart, Stella!
Mona Pendleton said…
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Mona Pendleton said…
Beautiful card Stella! Surely this comfort will bring comfort to your loved ones. I'm sorry for your loss ~ I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Heather Jensen said…
What a beautiful card and hadnmade flower. I am sure it will bring comfort to her family. Sorry for your loss. :)
Davi said…
Beautiful Stella, its simplicity makes have such a soothing look! My sorry for your loss!
Davi said…
Beautiful Stella, its simplicity makes have such a soothing look! My sorry for your loss!
Sue Lelli said…
I am so sorry, Stella, but this is such a beautiful card filled with LOVE and it will bring some comfort to them.
So sorry for your loss, Stella. :(

This card is absolutely beautiful, and perfect, perfect, perfect for a sympathy card. I must try your trick of making your own flowers. I really like them. You chose gray, which I also find a good color for this type of occasion.
Dit blog is van said…
Hier wordt ik stil van.....mooi. X
Ira Huberts said…
Ach nee toch... wat verdrietig voor jullie vrienden en voor jullie zelf natuurlijk ook. Wanneer je iemand zolang hebt gekend en de band zo goed is geweest, dan is het altijd moeilijk om gedag te zeggen... Je hebt een buitengewoon stijlvol en zeer elegante kaart gemaakt. Liefs en sterkte meis, dikke knuf, Ira xox
Ira’s Crea Corner
Audrey Pettit said…
So, so sorry for your friend's loss, and sorry for you, too, my friend! Your card is beautiful! I love the muted paper for a sympathy card. Your handmade flower is just gorgeous, too!
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
Sorry to hear about the sad news, this is a elegant and beautiful card!
How elegant and classy this card is! People say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication :)
Juls said…
Very stylish ... Perfect 4 the occasion hugs Juls
Brenda said…
Beautiful! Gorgeous patterned paper and I love your flower, perfect for a Sympathy card Stella.