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A little bit of the things

that kept me busy:)
 This a LONG post!

But first:

and her husband are coming to Groningen!
I am on cloud nine :)
Ros' husband is a big (football)
fan of Everton.
Everton was going to play 
against Groningen on July 22st.
But after Ros made flight and hotel reservations
 the mayor cancelled the match.
But still; they are coming. 
Maybe not a football match to enjoy but 
we will take them on a bit of sight seeing
  and some lovely dinners.
And have a few good chats and lots of laughter!
My men are also excited.
Our youngest son Martijn went 
to Liverpool in 2015
and is looking forward to 
catch up with his second mum!

My absence (sorry) is due to a few things...
Here is my round up from June 1st till now...

I made elderflower syrup:

 I also made a few batches of granola:

I attended a workshop at Bij Oma Dee.
We made interactive cards; 
in fact I only made one :)
Judith taught us how to make them:

We celebrated the 60th birthday 
of one my sisters,
I visited family, a few friends
went out for dinner with 
a few former colleagues.

Our allotment is in full swing. 
and taking a LOT of time...
Here is a peek of a part of our garden:
Onions, zucchini, grean beans and potatoes...

One of our friends gave us an old bench. 
It was torn apart and rusty.
My husband renovated it and now
 it's placed at our allotment.
The perfect spot for a break:

He also built a big storage
 box for all our garden tools.

We already harvested sugar snaps, 
cucumber, little snack cucumbers, rhubarb
and LOADS of strawberries!
 Since June 1st we harvested more than 6 kilo's 
(which is more than 13 lb!!)
I already made 20 jars of  jam:)

Zucchini is growing like crazy:

The same goes for cabbage:

A few photos of our
 front yard at home:

Besides all of that
 we had a special party.
Saturday June 17th 
this little cutie celebrated his birthday:

Michiel turned 30! 
(where have al those years been???)

 ( the photo is a bit blurry;sorry!)

Michiels' girlsfriend planned a surprise party;
a brilliant idea and Michiel was really surprised.
He had no idea!
I baked his favorite cakes:

A Boston cream pie:

And a strawberry/whipped cream/mascarpone cake:

And of course I made a card
for my boy:

i also made few other cards:

Besides all of this there 
were job applications
 (not succesful),
running errands,
weeding the gardens and
some housekeeping....
The days were just filled to the brim. 
Right now it's hot here in Holland.
I love some sunshine
 but now with 30 degrees Celsius
it's a bit too much :)
Looking forward to a 
bit milder temepratures
 because my craftroom
is as hot as an oven!

Till soon!


Mariken said…
Dat is zeker een lange, en leuke blogpost, met veel toffe activiteiten en geweldige kaarten. En wat tof dat Ros en haar man naar groningen komen, dat zal gezellig zijn!! En 30 graden is mij ook wel een beetje te veel, zeker op school zijn het zware laatste loodjes, ook voor de kids...Morgen in het noorden wat koeler, hoorde ik, maar wijmoeten weer aan de hitte geloven..
GerJanne said…
Ha Stella,
wat een leuke nieuwtjes en verslagen!! EN natuurlijk kaarten. Het rare is dat ik maar enkele foto's zie. Die van je kaart van oma DEE en je voortuin en de kaartjes die je nog meer maakte. De rest kan ik helaas niet zien, daar staat zo'n verkeersbord...ligt het aan mijn laptop??
Miranda Mols said…
De kaart van Oma Dee is gaaf. En die andere 2 ook. Voor de rest zie ik helaas geen foto's om van te genieten.
Marjan Küppers said…
Ja, dan heb je het druk, heel begrijpelijk! Maar ook wel met allemaal leuke dingen, waarvan ik er een paar al op Fb zag langskomen. Leuk dat Ros langskomt met haar man, geniet maar lekker van elkaars gezelschap en veel succes nog met de moestuin!
De kaartjes zijn super, maar ook ik kan die voor je zoon niet zien.
Andie Miller said…
Oh how lovely to get this glimpse into your days. I'm jealous, most specifically of:
those strawberries,
the bench!,
your son's celebration, and
your cards.

All very lovely and definitely worth a break in the blogging. Congrats, great job and happy summer to you. It is suppose to be 120 degrees here in Phoenix, Arizona today. That would be about 48 Celsius. We'll both bear the heat and get through it because the summer is worth it!
Mac Mable said…
You are going to have such a fun time with Ros and her husband. Enjoyed reading your post and thank you so much for sharing the amazing photos x
Marina said…
Enjuyed treading this post, Stella . It is very hot here too ad right now it is just coming up to 4am - so you can guess how well I'm sleeping!
Audrey Pettit said…
Absolutely love your catch-up post, my friend! So fun to see all the happy things going on in your world! Love your garden and yard and all your beautiful flowers! Amazing cards, too!
Mona Pendleton said…
Wow Stella! What a fantastic post full of so many goodies! Your creations are amazing! Love all the wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing your memories with us :) Hope you have a great weekend!
Greta said…
Oh what a fun post, Stella! So wish I was close enough to come visit, too! I know you'll have a great time when Ros & her hubby are there--looking forward to pictures! Your garden is awe-inspiring, as is your work in the kitchen--yummy! I totally adore your cardmaking style--all of them inspire me! Sounds like lots of fun family time & how great that a surprise party was really a surprise--not easy to accomplish! Big hugs, Greta
Danielle said…
Alsof ik even in je tuin mag gluren, zo leuk en oh oh oh die taarten.... ik heb er geloof ik van gedroomd vorige week ;-) Wat ziet het er allemaal geweldig uit Stella! Bezig bijtje! Prachtige bloemen in je tuin, vooral pioenrozen zijn echt mijn favoriet! En dan ook nog een paar leuke kaartjes om te laten zien! Ik ben een beetje laat met kijken maar het is de "moeite" waard! Xx
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
Wow, you have a lot going on there, I am happy for you, but mostly, so happy that you are Ros are going to meet up again!